We’re Hiring!

Want to work with a team that strives to educate students, help develop their skills, ignite their passions and foster their engagement in the community through local volunteerism? SVC is hiring for two student-staff positions for the 2018-19 academic year to start in the fall. We’re looking to hire a Program Assistant and a Communications Assistant. … More We’re Hiring!

Making a Goal Stick

New Years means resolutions. On January 1st people around the world make pledges to eat healthier, start a new hobby, or spend less money but it’s a month into the year and many have fallen back into their old habits. Students aren’t immune to this. I can’t tell you how many semesters I’ve started off saying I am going to sleep more or do all of … More Making a Goal Stick

50 Things You Didn’t Know about SVC

2017 marks Student Volunteer Connection’s 50th birthday! To celebrate, we’ve compiled a list of 50 things you probably didn’t know about SVC. 1. In September 1967, four members of the Newman club recognized a need for volunteers on campus and in the community. They decided to create an organization to connect student to local volunteer … More 50 Things You Didn’t Know about SVC

The Amazing Volunteers of SVC

It’s International Volunteer Day 2017! To celebrate, we interviewed some of SVC’s very own volunteers. SVC currently has four volunteer teams: the Street Team, Community Relations Team, Student Volunteer Subsidy Team, and Events Team. These volunteer teams are crucial to the success of SVC events, office hours, promotion, and subsidies. We interviewed three volunteers to … More The Amazing Volunteers of SVC